Human Venice - Inhuman Venice

"Human Venice - Inhuman Venice"

Located in the De Maria rooms of the Casa dei Tre Oci, the exhibition takes the visitor through the contradictions of a Venice made up of lights and shadows, gathered in two independent but strongly linked sections. In the part dedicated to "The Human Venice", the narrative tool consists of a series of photographs selected from the production of Sergio Del Pero (1913-1987), considered one of the greatest Italian photographers of the twentieth century, even if little known by the general public . In Del Pero's images, a Venice embodied by its inhabitants, made up of fatigue and hopes, strength and fragility, leisure and work, is told. A popular and common Venice, which Del Pero immortalizes using very particular compositional and printing techniques.

The section dedicated to "The Inhuman Venice" is instead a synthesis of the expressive power of twenty-four different photographers, all members of the Circolo Fotografia La Gondola, who with their shots document the non-human-scale choices of urban development and planning in which Venice has been progressively stripped of its vocation to be a place to live and live in everyday life, to be transformed into a city to be consumed hastily and without any participation. A city that, however, has not lost the desire to start over. The photographers exhibiting in this section are Enrico Gigi Bacci, Lubomira Bajcarova, Antonio Baldi, Marino Bastianello, Luciano Bettini, Aldo Brandolisio, Ilaria Brandolisio, Nicola Bustreo, Paola Casanova, Carlo Chiapponi, Mariateresa Crisigiovanni, Ezio De Vecchi, Francesco Del Negro, Enrico Facchetti, Paolo Mingaroni, Marzio Minorello, Matteo Miotto, Sandro Righetto, Andrea Sambo, Massimo Stefanutti, Teresa Turacchio, Fabrizio Uliana, Izabella Vegh, Anna Zemella.


This exhibition is part of a wider cultural project, through which the Venice Foundation celebrates the 1600 years of the lagoon capital with photography, proposing a tale of Venice in different locations and under different visual angles through which to bring out the most iconic aspects of city ​​along with the complex evolution of the last century.

In addition to the exhibition at the Casa dei Tre Oci, at the headquarters of the Venice Foundation in Rio Novo until 9 January 2022 it is possible to visit “Venice, Gianni Berengo Gardin and Maurizio Galimberti. Two looks in comparison ”. Curated by Denis Curti, it builds an original parallel path in which the two great masters of twentieth century photography accompany the visitor along an ideal itinerary through the city, made up of iconic black and white images and dynamic snapshots in Polaroid format. Through their very personal and unmistakable styles, imprinted in over twenty shots, Gianni Berengo Gardin (Santa Margherita Ligure, 1930) and Maurizio Galimberti (Como, 1956) create two expressive languages ​​that, without the need for words, tell and reveal a cities that the passage of time has partly manipulated and removed.



Venice / Tre Oci, Sale De Maria 16.09> 01.11.21
Curated by the La Gondola Photographic Circle, Promoted by the Venice Foundation
Organized by La Gondola Photographic Circle and Casa dei Tre Oci
Hours: every day, except Tuesday, from 11.00 to 19.00
Entrance included in the ticket for the current exhibition at the Casa dei Tre Oci

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Venice / Venice Foundation, Rio Novo 17.09. 21> 09.01.22
Curated by Denis Curti, promoted and organized by the Venice Foundation
Hours: Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 19.00 Free admission

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In compliance with the provisions in force, access to the exhibitions will be allowed only to visitors with a mask and "green pass".
The times of the individual exhibitions are conditioned by the trend of the Covid-19 epidemic. We therefore invite you to check for any changes on the websites of the individual institutions.


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